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SEPTEMBER 28 | Rushadicus | 8 PM

September 28, 2023 07:00 PM until September 28, 2023 08:00 PM

TICKETS: $12 Advance | $15 Day of show

PERFORMANCE: Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM


Rushadicus plays fluffy rainbow unicorn metal from a magic green dimension whose mystic tongues growl the delapitude of the future across speedy spectrums of the wildest astral cello landscapes with oceans of glee, skies full of bats and forests full of strange melody monsters: does it even exist? 

"The Bat Prince of Jick" hops between dimensions as he growls the language of sneth over antelope-defeating landspeed records of jick and blasts triumphant kazoo upon the gates of untold realms and dawns.