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Aug 26 | Electric Sunset: A Silent Disco Dance Party | 8pm

August 26, 2022 until August 26, 2022

Eat, Drink & Dance... under the stars and inside at ZenBarn.  EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! We are proud to attract an unusually diverse crowd, from families, to ravers and ragers, to seniors and a broad range of ethnicities and gender identities. We are all about Kindness, Community & Collaboration. Our non-amplified Silent Disco headphone events are an innovative game changer enhancing the user experience to be internally extraordinary and externally quiet.  $10. 21+.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  - 3 DJ's performing simultaneously on spinning something for everyone including: EDM, reggae, house music, disco, hip hop, pop and remixes from the 70's to current day. Choose your Vibe! Upon check-in, you'll receive our Hi-Fidelity Headphones (sanitized for your safety). Headphone range covers the entire venue, so please feel free to spread out, wander and dance anywhere allowed by the venue. (Note: headphone range may vary depending on radio frequency interference.)

WHAT TO BRING:  - Credit Card: We will place a $40 "Authorization" on your credit card while using our headphones which will be "Voided" immediately upon check-out and return of headphones. (Note: It may take several days for your credit card company to release the $40 authorization but it is not actually charged.)

- Neon and glow toys (sorry no fire dancing please :-)